What we offer


What We Offer

wessel-dissertation Our product offering consists of three main activities. They are the Investment Clock UCITS Fund, Discretionary Portfolio Management and Corporate Advisory for small and medium-sized companies.

The Investment Clock UCITS Fund and our Portfolio Management services have been designed to react to changes in market circumstances in an efficient way, to make sure that the investment objectives of client are achieved.

Our services and solutions are backed by a long track record of our investment professionals and a deep understanding of financial markets, based on thourogh research. Wessel Marquering's dissertation on "Modelling and forecasting stock market returns and volatility" was published in a number of leading international financial journals and is acknowledged by his peers across the financial world.

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Taler Investment Clock Fund

coin-greyThe Taler Investment Clock Fund is a Luxemburg based UCITS which enables investors to participate in the Taler Investment Clock strategy. The UCITS fund can be purchased through your bank... more

Taler Discretionary Portfolio Management

coin-orangeTaler Discretionary Portfolio Management (DPM) is a service that we provide to investors with assets in excess of EUR 5 million ...more

Taler Corporate Advisory

coin-grey-light We provide corporate advisory services to small and medium-sized companies that need help with strategic issues, corporate governance, assessing the valuation of the company and/or attract new funding.... more