Taler Investment Clock Fund

coin-greyInvestment Clock Fund

The Taler Investment Clock Fund is a Luxemburg based UCITS which enables investors to participate in the Taler Investment Clock strategy. The UCITS fund can be purchased through your bank.

We have offered the Investment Clock strategy for over three years, mainly to institutional clients. Recently we decided to offer the same strategy in a fund format to accomodate both institutional as well as retail investors. As from 1st August 2013 the Investment Clock Fund is available as a Luxembourg UCITS fund.

The Investment Clock Fund (ICF) is a multi-asset class fund which invests dynamically in a range of different asset classes including fixed income, equities, real estate, commodities and cash.

The Investment Clock monitors the movements of the economic cycle and suggests which asset classes are expected to perform well in the various stages of the economy. The strategy improves the return profile of a typical balanced portfolio due to its ability to deliver returns under all market circumstances and respond quickly to changes in the cycle.

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